How I save $3,434.88 per year on health insurance (and actually more)

How using a health share plan helps save money

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When starting Tailored MD, one of the many challenges I faced was losing my health insurance from my previous job. I needed to set up my own individual health plan. I started with – it’s soooo bad. These plans are a rip off. I quickly moved on to search for other options and looked at adding myself to my wife’s employed plan. Currently we pay $352.72 every month for her insurance. To add me, the premium would increase to $868.24 – so $515.52 more per month.

The Cost Breakdown

I found a way to pay $229.28 per month for my healthcare. I use a health-share plan for catastrophic coverage ($129.28). I also pay $100 per month for Direct Primary Care. This saves our family $286.24 per month compared to going with her employer coverage. With employer coverage, there would also be copays and deductibles that I don’t have to worry about with Direct Primary Care.

Direct Primary Care and health-sharing is not just for the self employed. I will likely be transitioning my wife and child over to this model of care before the end of the year.

The Result

I get better medical care and service for a better price.

I will never get a surprise medical bill.

I will not be bankrupted by the healthcare machine.

If there was such a thing as healthcare hacking, this would be it.