Let’s talk about weight loss.

Let us help you reach your weight goals in a non judgmental setting.

talking about weight loss

What does high blood pressure, knee or back pain, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, and liver disease all have in common? Obesity is one of the primary risk factors for these conditions. Body weight is certainly not the only marker for health and our health should not be judged only by BMI. However, it is an important factor contributing to these and other conditions. Rather than endlessly managing these conditions individually with countless tests and medications, let’s focus on curing the underlying causes. 

At Tailored MD, we love to help our patients reach their weight goals and optimal health in a non judgmental manner. Usually our new patients looking for weight loss are tired of extreme dieting resulting in yo yo effect weight changes. We take the pressure off by providing easy to follow dietary advice along with medications that actually work. 

The best weight loss medications on the market right now are GLP 1 meds. If you have insurance, we will attempt to order these through your plan. Unfortunately, these meds are rarely covered and cost a fortune with most insurances. As usual though, we found a work around and can offer the same medication for 96% off of the discounted goodrx retail cost.

  • $1391/mo Price of Wegovy at CVS
  • $60/mo Tailored MD price for Semaglutide 

Most importantly, we offer the time and compassion to discuss all the factors involved in diet and lifestyle as there is no one size fits all approach. Metabolic diseases like high cholesterol and diabetes are not always caused by overweight status, but if this is the case for you please find a clinician who will take the time to provide counseling on diet, exercise, and will prescribe effective medications. If you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover these new game changing medications, please reach out to us, we can help!