Concierge Care in San Antonio | Explore Your Options

When searching for healthcare in San Antonio, it’s important to take stock of all your options. Your selection should be made based on your health condition, personal finances, and desired level of care. Before you make a final decision, make sure you consider concierge care here in San Antonio and all its benefits.

What is concierge care, you ask? Concierge care refers to healthcare that prioritizes the patient experience.

Closely related to direct primary care (DPC), it gives the patient direct access to their doctor and allows ample time for appointments and consultations. Think of a hotel concierge who gives each guest the care and attention they deserve. Now apply that to healthcare, and you have concierge care! 

Tailored MD is a premiere destination for DPC and concierge care in San Antonio. We’re restoring the patient-physician relationship by offering a simplified, cost-effective, and personalized approach to primary care.

If you’re ready to become a member, click here. Otherwise, continue reading to see how concierge care in San Antonio can benefit you and your family.

With Tailored MD, patients pay a regular retainer fee for unlimited care. Pretty great, right? These costs are also not associated with insurance, which means you get a more streamlined billing experience. On top of that, our rates are more affordable than most hospitals since we don’t have to worry about admin overhead. 

Traditional healthcare, however, relies primarily on health insurance billing. Costs can include premiums, co-pays, deductibles, and out-of-pocket expenses. This process very quickly becomes confusing and expensive for many patients. If that sounds like you, then it may be time to give concierge care a try. 

What people like most about concierge care in San Antonio is its increased accessibility. With same-day appointments, you can get the primary care you need when you need it. Patients can also reach their clinicians directly through personal phone lines or email, making it easier to get care in emergencies. 

How does accessibility work in traditional healthcare? Patients might have to face longer wait times for appointments, and direct access to a traditional healthcare physician outside of appointments is rare. You spend more time in waiting rooms than with your clinician. No, thanks! If you’re looking for greater personal attention, concierge care is the way to go.

Concierge care physicians generally have a smaller patient roster, ensuring more personalized care. Conventional doctors, on the other hand, often have a large list of patients, limiting the amount of time they can allocate to each individual. How much bigger are conventional doctors’ patient loads? Well, some doctors can see over 1,000 patients, while our San Antonio concierge care team limits members to about 200–250. Fewer patients per clinician means more personalized care for each one!

When you work with a concierge care doctor in San Antonio, they will likely emphasize preventive care and wellness, with a proactive approach to health management. This means better health over the long run and fewer medical emergencies. 

This is different from traditional healthcare, which tends to be more reactive, with primary attention on treating ailments as they occur. Looking for preventive care? Then try out concierge care!

With the membership model, navigating care is often simpler with concierge care. The terms of engagement are clear, and there is limited bureaucracy. Patients who choose traditional healthcare often navigate through insurance approvals, referrals, and a complex billing process, which only adds stress to what might already be a stressful health situation. Cut back on unnecessary stress by switching over to concierge care today.

You Deserve an Excellent Clinician. You Deserve San Antonio’s Concierge Care.

Don’t allow yourself to be frustrated by modern healthcare. Instead, sign up for a direct primary care membership with Tailored MD. We’re proud to provide incredible concierge care to San Antonio. Member by member, we’re improving lives in our community. 

As a practice dedicated to the doctor-patient relationship, we encourage you to meet our team. Whether you work with Dr. Clements or Nichole Graeber, NP, you can rest assured that you will be given the time and attention you deserve. Come in for a wellness check or get tailored recommendations for chronic illness. Whatever you need, you can get your primary care covered with our concierge services right here in San Antonio. We can’t wait to get started with you!